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Chengdu Yitong Seal Co., Ltd. is committed to providing fluid seal products for various rotating equipment (mainly including compressors, pumps and reactors). Its main business is the R&D, design, production and sales of dry gas seals, mechanical seals, carbon ring seals and sealing auxiliary systems. At the same time, it provides customers with technical services covering the whole life cycle of products, such as technical consultation, technical training, online monitoring, fault diagnosis, etc.

The company has established an efficient R&D system, and has the corresponding continuous innovation ability and the strength to break through key core technologies.The company put forward the concepts of "safety", "energy saving", "environmental protection" and "long cycle" of sealing products earlier in the industry, and solved the sealing problems affecting the long-term safe operation of equipment for the end users by developing sealing technologies and products that are suitable for specific application conditions.

After years of accumulation, the company has become the main driver of innovation and application promotion of dry gas sealing technology in China. Its products are widely used in petrochemical, coal chemical, pipeline transportation, food, medicine, electricity, metallurgy and other fields. It has completed supporting services for many large projects. It is the main supplier of fluid sealing products of Sinopec, PetroChina and other large energy groups, providing strong guarantee for customers with safe production and sustainable development.


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