Cherish the work Gratitude a phone
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Date: 2017-08-03
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Time flies, to play between the command, in casual in me into a phone this big family it's almost eight years, I at first for its strangeness, to integrate the new corporate culture, in the end of a sense of belonging, during the dribs and drabs feeling quite a lot. As a member of the company, I sincerely feel pride and joy. Looking back in the day of bitter sweet, there are also a harvest, but more grateful and blessing. A phone is a big family, there are more than two hundred members in this family, everyone to work toward common goals. Because of different division of labor at ordinary times, in different positions, it is hard to get together, a lot of people also could not call names, just feel familiar, know as a company's colleagues. The most happy is year-end total ?

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